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Psychotherapist Results - Ontario, Canada

Ali Mukhtar
license verified

If you find yourself feeling stuck, unsure how to move forward in life, or grappling with an addiction that affects your daily living, I am here to support you. If relationship challenges are weighing you down, or if you’re striving to build a relationship but finding it difficult, know that you're not alone.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kinzanoor Danish
license verified

It takes courage to be vulnerable and open up about the most intimate parts of our lives with a psychotherapist. My goal is to create a judgement-free environment to foster

Etobicoke, Ontario, M8X 2X9, Canada

Maleha Muhammad
license verified

Welcome! I am a certified psychotherapist with the CRPO serving individuals, couples, and groups. Life can be difficult. With current times many feel anxious and depressed

Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1Y8, Canada

Meccana Ali
license verified

Stepping into who we are involves noticing who we were and who we want to be. This journey is unique to each person and it is a process that takes patience, kindness and

Ontario, Canada

Muneeb Shahid, BASc, M.A, RP(Qualifying)
license verified

I am very passionate about the field of psychotherapy. I love to help individuals reach their goals. I like to provide clients with a safe, non-judgemental space where they feel seen, heard and understood.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Maria Ahmed
license verified
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Freshte Javidhosseini
license verified

As a new Canadian and a Middle-Eastern woman of colour, I will be the therapist for you who tries to understand how your story is unique to you. Together, we will focus on your strengths and we will reshape the story.

Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1N4, Canada

Naba Ul-Alam Choudhury
license verified

I know that finding the right therapist is not easy. You are looking for someone who is competent and safe who can accompany you on the path to healing. You may be wanting

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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