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As Salam Alaikum,

Welcome to Ruh Care, a comprehensive initiative dedicated to enhancing mental health access and understanding within the Muslim community.

Our mission is two-fold, embodied by the Ruh Care Online Therapy Platform and the Ruh Care Directory, each designed to cater to unique aspects of mental health care and provider networking within our community. 

Ruh Care Online Therapy Platform: Ruh Care's Online Therapy Platform stands at the forefront of accessible, culturally responsive, and faith-sensitive mental health care. We are committed to breaking barriers and providing support that respects and understands the diverse backgrounds of our community. Our licensed Muslim therapists are equipped to support individuals, children (ages 3+), couples, and families through various communication means, including text, voice, or video. We provide services in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. Our languages include English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, German, Harari, Creole, and American Sign Language (ASL). Our multidisciplinary team comprises Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Social Workers, and Psychiatrists, each with their own areas of specialization, committed to guiding our clients through their unique journeys of healing and growth.

Ruh Care Directory: The Ruh Care Directory serves as the largest global repository of Muslim Mental Health Care Providers, featuring over 670+ professionals from our community. This dedicated platform bridges the gap between those seeking mental health support and providers who understand their unique cultural and religious context. Here, therapists can share extensive details about their practice, including treatment specialties, credentials, and religious affiliations, facilitating a better-aligned therapeutic match. The best part? Listing on the Ruh Care Directory is entirely free. Therapists can connect with unlimited clients without any charge, and individuals seeking help can find and reach out to therapists at no cost. 

Together, the Ruh Care Online Therapy Platform and the Ruh Care Directory encapsulate our vision: to be the go-to resource for Muslim clients seeking a mental health provider who aligns with their values and for therapists seeking to broaden their reach within the community. 

We warmly invite you to explore our services, sign up, and become a part of the global Ruh Care family. Let's embark on this journey of healing, growth, and community support together. 

As Salam Alaikum and Bismillah.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the mental and spiritual well-being of the world.


Our Partners

Institute for Muslim Mental Health

Muslim Medical Association of Canada

The Family & Youth Institue

Peaceful Families Project

DC Metro Area Muslim Mental Health Resource

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Meet Our Team



 Dr. Farah Islam

 Senior Fellow, Data and Psychopritiual Department, Yaqeen Institute


 Humeyra N. Celebi

 Psychologist and Family Counsellor 
MA in Psychology


 Ahmed El-Khazndar

 MA in Counselling & Spirituality (Candidate)


 Oussama Khallil

 Siraj Institute Diploma in Islamic Studies (Candidate)


 Nayem Alam

 Full Stack Dev, Ubisoft
BEng. Software
Branding & UI Design exp


 Mohamed Birama

 BSc. Computer Science
iOS app startup exp


 Uzayr Siddiqui

 3x SaaS startup founder
VC backed


 Omar Khan

 Ex-IBM Product Manager
University of Toronto MBA (Candidate)






Advisors from a Counselling, Clinical, and Islamic Lens



 Chaplain Yasin Dwyer

 Executive Director & Lead Chaplain, Muslim Chaplaincy of Toronto, the voice of the rūh app


 Rabeea Siddique

 Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Ontario Anglophone Director, Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association


 Sheikh Majed Jarrar

 Co-Founder, Siraj Institute for Islamic Studies, Prof of Entrepreneurship, UOttawa








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