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Muslim Therapists Results - United Kingdom

Gazala Malik
London, England, United Kingdom

Maria Mufti

I offer individualised and integrative therapy based on your needs. I am a genuine and empathic clinician who is interested in finding ways to help you to achieve your goals,

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Maaria Aksar

I am a person centred counsellor and mainly work with ethnic minorities who may be facing many challenges in their lives. I’d be honoured to help you land support you in your journey to heal and grow.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Sadia Khan

I’m passionate about my work. I find my work rewarding. Helping clients with their mental health and well-being with empathy and trust is important to me.

United Kingdom

Madhia Jaral CHYP, AMCCPH

I coach & mentor women to rise up from anxiety and depression & find their purpose, self-confidence, self-assurance & love ???? ???? ????  I focus on the secrets of the Mind and how it impacts our decisions. 10 years ago I experienced divorce.  Soon after I dipped into depression & about 4 years ago I first experienced anxiety.  But I’m a sanguine, I don’t take defeat ????????I was searching for skills, experiences, tools, techniques, words and much more to help me let my life back, get my freedom back, get my loving relationships back!  And I recovered. But nobody tells you this, recovery is not a one stop shop - it requires a combination of techniques that focus individually at the mind, body & soul.  So  Hear I am, I’ve spent the past three years putting together my “RISE UP programme for you! ????  I am a trained QTS Teacher, Coach, Mentor & Therapist with over a decade of experience ????‍????  If you’re ready to remove the anxiety, reinvent & rebuild yourself to find PURPOSE, SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF-ASSURANCE & LOVE then book a ☎️ And speak to me directly!

Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

AJ Swiecinska

I like to think of myself as an Islamic therapist working within integrative philosophy. My core modality is Islamic Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as Integrative

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Yasmin Watson

We offer a range of wellbeing services including online courses and faith-based therapy for Muslim women and children. We are based in the UK but anyone can access our

Henley-on-Thames, England, RG9, United Kingdom

Nasrin Khanom

I am an integrative child, adolescent and adult counsellor which means I use a variety of models within counselling and therapy to adapt to my client’s needs as I don’t believe one size fits all. Counselling can be a daunting and overwhelming step to take but it can also be incredibly rewarding and brave. I understand how nerve racking it can be and in some communities it can be taboo or stigmatising, so my main focus is on creating a confidential space for the person in front of me and reassuring them that they are in a safe space. Depending on your needs – which you may or may not know, that’s ok – we will take an approach that suits you. As mentioned previously, I chose an integrative model of training so that I can tailor it to my clients’ individual needs – this can be anything from childhood wounds to relationship difficulties or anxiety about a specific issue. (Some of my areas of work are listed below). In addition to talking therapy, I am fond of using art and creativity as it is a powerful medium to unlock pain and explore difficult life events, often trapped in our subconscious. This can take the form of writing/journaling, drawing, a piece of music, poetry, anything that creatively calls to you as a form of expression – and you don’t have to be ‘good at it’ to use it!

London, England, United Kingdom