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Occupational Therapist (OT) Results

Runda Ebied

My goal is to provide client-centered and individualized care to clients and to assist clients in reaching their potential and living a healthier, more independent and more fulfilling life.

London, Ontario, Canada

Nimerah Faruqui
Oakville, Ontario, L6H3S2, Canada

Sarah Kaleem
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amanda Hage-Hassan
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5S 1N%, Canada

Raza Ahsan
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Sameera Qureshi

For the last fourteen years, Sameera has worked at the intersections of sexual health, mental health, and Islam. Her work now centers a revival of traditional Islamic Psychology of the soul - both as the starting point AND framework for sexual health education for Muslims.

Washington, District of Columbia, United States