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Sumaiya Matin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ADAMS Centre
United States

Roua Eltayeib

Therapy is more than just a conversation. It is a guided process of conscious learning and unlearning to actively work in finding the root of your pain. The process may

New York, New York, United States

Homa Ebrahime

Expertise in Indigenous, Muslim

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Alia Siddiqi

In life, we take many paths. Some paths are smooth and effortless, while others can be rough and challenging. Sometimes, on a particularly difficult path, we can lose sight

Ontario, Canada

Sanjida Nasreen
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Saeid Sokhanvar

Providing Individual and couple and family psychotherapy I have trained and practiced as a physician including mental health clinic in my home country and as a psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Heba Ragheb

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected or struggling with difficult emotions (i.e. depression, anxiety, burnout or anger), I can certainly support you. We

Richmond hill, Ontario, Canada

Amal Ahmed, MA, RP

My priority is to support your healing journey by providing a safe non-judgmental environment where you can gain clarity and feel heard. I encourage you to reach out for

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada