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"I was initially not expecting to receive clients through Ruh Care. To my surprise, I was quickly contacted by a client seeking ongoing therapy. Ruh Care is an invaluable resource for connecting Muslim clients with Muslim therapists to receive high-quality care and treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruh Care for anyone seeking therapy or for therapists looking to expand their reach to the larger Muslim community."


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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an Imam, Life Coach, Youth Mentor… Can I register?

At this time, we are limiting the focus of the platform to registered/licensed mental health practitioners.

That said, we could potentially expand the focus in the future and would love it if you register your interest here to receive an update when that happens. 

If you are a registered/licensed mental health practitioner and don’t see your role not listed, please email us at and we can add it.

Is Ruh Care really free?

Ruh Care doesn't charge a monthly fee for the Welcome to the Family plan. You can create a free profile today without entering a credit card. Seriously, there isn't a catch. 

Get a full functioning profile and start immediately attracting new clients. Upgrading to a Premium or Premium Plus plan is always optional. Ruh Care is free because we want to make seeking mental health support accessible worldwide. The best way to accomplish that is to not charge Mental Health Care providers and seekers (clients) a fee. 

Insha'Allah having a profile at no cost will allow our community to more easily find a match aligned with their values. It is a gift from Ruh to our community.

I have my own practice/clinic. How do I register?

As you create a page, you can select the type to be an “Individual” or a “Mental Health Practice/Organization” 

For practices with more than 1 practitioner: We recommend that each mental health practitioner registers for their own Individual account as they would be showcased in the Mental Health Care Providers search. With a different email, you can also create an account for your Mental Health Practice/Organization and it would then be showcased under the mental health organizations search.

If you have more than 3 practitioners in your practice/clinic, please reach out to us with the number of practitioners you have and we can share a group discount coupon code with you for the Premium or Premium Plus packages. 

For practices with only 1 practitioner: We recommend registering yourself as an individual. You don’t need to register as a Mental Health Practice/Organization as that would simply be a duplicate listing. You can mention the name of your practice in the Organization field and add your website as you register and it will showcase it under your Individual profile.

What does the "Verified by Ruh Care" badge mean?

When a therapist signs up on Ruh Care, we look up their license number on the college/board/association/membership body in the respective province/state they are registered with for their professional designation and ensure they are in good standing. If the therapist didn't mention their license number, we would manually add it to their profile when we verify their profile to ensure the license number is public. 

When a therapist is added to Ruh Care from a partner's directory, such as the Muslim Medical Association of Canada (MMAC); If the partner directory was already verified, we add the verified badge to their profiles at import and check a few profiles at random just to validate. This could have been one of the profiles you see, which might have the "Verified by Ruh Care" badge but not the license number listed, as the license number wasn't present when we imported the profile but the practitioner was already verified by the partner manually before. 

In the case where they weren't verified by the partner's directory, we would import them and manually verify them all ourselves and then add the "Verified by Ruh Care" badge. These are the profiles you might find that don't have a verified badge yet, as our team is working on verifying them as of now.

How does the 60-day money-back guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied with the Premium or Premium Plus package, we would be happy to provide you with a full refund. Simply reach out to us within 60 days of the date of your purchase and we'll take care of the rest insha'Allah.

I just signed up but my profile isn't visible in the search.

To make sure clients can get to know you more, you need to have the following completed for your profile to be visible: Name, What Best Describes You, Profile Photo, and Address.